How to Get Started on Your Author Platform

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The internet has not only changed the way writers publish: Web 2.0 has created the necessity for authors to promote their books and successfully find readers.
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How One Webinar Becomes 20 Paths to Building Author Platform

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Authors, you are unlike any other brand out there, and like all authors, you want readers.

Whether you write nonfiction or fiction, consider how teaching a course builds your audience before reacting with “Teaching isn’t for me.” To build up readers, authors need to appear in multiple locations, now powerfully enabled online. The large publishers understand this, and now at editorial meetings, book content is designed from the get-go to be repurposed right into multiple channels.

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Why Authors Need to Talk to Their Readers

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Today’s Author Platform blog post by Carole Jelen, appearing on “Helping Writers Become Authors”

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The Video Trailer: Brings Your Book to Life

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It’s time to get on board to make a simple trailer for your book. Internet video is slated to comprise almost 70% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017 according to a recent Cisco survey. Why? Consumers love to research products online before they make an in-store or online purchase. Now we see video kiosks increasingly at point of sale, and where people are waiting in line, even at the gas pump! And here’s the kicker: 85% of people who view product videos are more likely to buy. Welcome to a solid gold growth opportunity for you as authors: use creative and short video recordings for “infotainment” leading to your book.

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The Share Button: Brings Readers to Your Blog



The easy path to gain more blog readers? First, give the gift of social sharing buttons right there on every post. Make it easy for readers who like your post to share it with their network right from their mobile devices or laptops. Exposure and findability count for authors: your blog readers who share your post with their networks then open a path to  multiply readers via additional networks of others. We’re living in an era of power sharing: passing along news and items of interest to people quickly in a way that multiplies posts. You can ride that wave of readership interest if you do it right. Readers love quick, easy sharing of interesting information with their networks.

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Twitter: Big Hats are Only for Cowboys


There are better ways to grow a following than the”big hat- no cattle” method. Hundreds of thousands of followers count less than an audience of followers who are interested in what you have to offer, so  5,000 interested beats out the 50,000 random. Most already are joining the huge amount of very cool information swapping on this microblog social network.  When you tweet/share great information that people care about, they retweet/share your information with their network. Even better, people also retweet/share your content with their networks with your name associated with it.

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Yes, Authors Need A Facebook Fan Page


All parts of your author platform fit together to create an overall impact in growing your audience over time. Without a clear plan to become easily findable, a lot of great books and authors get lost. That means you need your author brand to appear on the big 4 social networks and learn the author strategy to use them together for greater impact.

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Seth Godin APM Interview “Create in Ways that Matter to Others”

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American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As great fans of Seth Godin, best-selling author, thought leader, and creator of Squidoo, we’ve seen his observation proven  -time and again-  that the internet has revived the power of “tribes.”  We’re now connected with each other by ideas and values in the new “connection economy.”

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Our Book Launch at Book Expo NY


Authors, to grow attendance to book signings, try tying in your even to a larger event. Here’s our example.

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Writers Digest Interview with Carole Jelen


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This is a great book that teaches authors to get noticed through building your platform well.
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