Yes, Authors Need A Facebook Fan Page


All parts of your author platform fit together to create an overall impact in growing your audience over time. Without a clear plan to become easily findable, a lot of great books and authors get lost. That means you need your author brand to appear on the big 4 social networks and learn the author strategy to use them together for greater impact.

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Seth Godin APM Interview “Create in Ways that Matter to Others”

English: American entrepreneur, author and pub...

American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As great fans of Seth Godin, best-selling author, thought leader, and creator of Squidoo, we’ve seen his observation proven  -time and again-  that the internet has revived the power of “tribes.”  We’re now connected with each other by ideas and values in the new “connection economy.”

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Our Book Launch at Book Expo NY


Authors, to grow attendance to book signings, try tying in your even to a larger event. Here’s our example.

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Writers Digest Interview with Carole Jelen


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Interview with Michael McCallister, coauthor Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules


Why is it important for authors to communicate with their audience?

 A writer is nothing without an audience. If you don’t have readers, you’re just keeping a diary. Nothing wrong with keeping a diary, but writers have to focus on serving your readers. Whatever knowledge, experience, understanding and analysis you want to share, not connecting with readers is the biggest failure you can have. So you have to find your audience, and listen to them. Find out what they want to understand, what problems they have that you can help them solve. If you can, ask them how they best learn something new, and deliver your information to them that way.

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Yes, Use Google+ and Facebook

Authors, you just want to write your book, yet you’ve seen a new light: for success, you’ve got to get engaged with your audience through platform building. The starting out point can feel like sheer agony (been there…), the amount of choices daunting, and the task such a huge imposition. It’s easier to just get the keys under your fingers, hiding in the relief of writing your book (…done that). Try looking at platform again over morning coffee for less resistance.

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Your LinkedIn Team Matters


LinkedIn is one huge professional network that proves that you’re not alone as you build audience. With just a few keystrokes, start tapping into author networks to grow  your influence. LinkedIn is an excellent place to find interest groups and communities that support your efforts and build new alliances to cooperate with others in promoting your book. When you join communities in your area of interest, post once to the group to reach out to the whole group. Communities and groups are a fast track to tapping into the networks of others.

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Free Starbucks-Takes Away Resistance to Building Author Platform


If you agree that “the thousand mile journey begins with one step” then it’s time to get started on doing one thing a day to grow your author platform. Here’s  something to help: you can get your free cup of Starbucks in April. On 4/22/14 bring in your reusable container and they will fill it with free fresh brewed coffee. 1.2 million people got their free coffee in 2013, hoping for authors reaching out to audience to join in April.

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Welcome to The Author Platform Blog

Welcome to The Platform Blog, designed for authors to join us as we build up momentum during countdown to the publication of our book.

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Publishing Q&A

photoQuestion: Another quick publishing question (as a newbie, just asking). My book contract indicates an initial payment after the 1st chapter was “accepted”. My question is: what are the determinations made between a chapter being “delivered” and “accepted”? 1st draft sent? Suggested edits completed? Technical editor changes incorporated? Just wondering.

Charlie Brooks

Answer: Thanks, Charlie – it’s a common question! 

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