How One Webinar Becomes 20 Paths to Building Author Platform

Authors, you are unlike any other brand out there, and like all authors, you want readers.

Whether you write nonfiction or fiction, consider how teaching a course builds your audience before reacting with “Teaching isn’t for me.” To build up readers, authors need to appear in multiple locations, now powerfully enabled online. The large publishers understand this, and now at editorial meetings, book content is designed from the get-go to be repurposed right into multiple channels.

Check out how authors are using the one-hour online teaching segment for immediate reuse in multiple ways for maximum impact. Whether you call it an online seminar or webinar, a mini-class, or an information session, we highly recommend to our author clients to find a way to present a one-hour teaching segment online. Why?

1. Earn trust: Helping others learn is respected and valued. Assuming an immediate authority position is a position that authors benefit from.

2. Opportunity to learn about your readers: Authors learn valuable insights via comments and Q/A. Immediacy of the interactive experience goes beyond one-way push messages in writing and shows the needs of your audience

3. Initiate chats and conversations among readers: Your personal connection to your readers creates a bond that people chat about later, and creates viral interest through your personal appearance.

The subjects of seminars and courses range from nonfiction subjects to every aspect of the craft of writing, creative writing, storytelling. Take inspiration from examples of authors who have taught writing courses including Toni Morrison, Junot Diaz, Salman Rushdie, the late Maya Angelou and countless more nonfiction or fiction authors teaching workshops and seminars, online and at colleges and workshops.

One Shoe Does Not Fit All…

Like most authors, you don’t have time to figure out how to customize general marketing techniques used by businesses. There are simply too many choices, and not enough time to figure it out. Techniques that work for other types of businesses don’t always work for authors. Our message is, don’t stop expanding, ever. When you push past the limits, you find new readership that you didn’t even know existed.

…So Give Me the Quickest Route to Make the Most Impact

We simplify choices for author clients by sifting through the myriad of options, selecting the most efficient methods that lead to the largest exposure for books. The top choice for a single training session is the webinar, because this choice gives authors an opportunity to multipurpose content and use tech to connect — to all the pieces of your platform. The key is to build author platform one step at a time and connect all the pieces together in order to benefit from an impact larger than the sum of its parts.

The Webinar is Reusable Gold

Training boosts visibility, that leads a path to your books and teaching what you know puts you in the authority seat immediately. You’re in the spotlight as a trainer, taking your readers by the hand to teach a skill or build awareness, to help, to show concern, and to carry on that essential dialogue that counts significantly now and ongoing.

First, Some Quick Facts

–One webinar a month: what most companies offer
–Audience engagement: the most important goal
–Global reach: online training goes far beyond the USA
–Average length: 1 hour, Average attendance: 28 attendees
–Reason for 85% of webinars: to get new customers
–Best organization: first: what the benefit is to the reader, second what the book contains

Now Use Your Webinar for 20 Purposes (or at least pick a few!)

The webinar is portable and reusable gold because of the online opportunities to reuse and repurpose your course. The combination of elements in one webinar presentation leads to the lion’s share of author platform steps because it includes speaking, visual slides, audio, and interactivity with written and spoken Q&A. At the same time as creating the webinar, build in the plan for reuse, repurpose, and reprint of segments of your webinar, including:

1. Newsletter: announcements preceding the presentation
2. Freebie: using the webinar as a free offer leading to your book
3. Record and post recording: most people view the recorded version
4. Slice and dice: cut up the presentation to make shorter segments
5. Social media original content positing: FB,Twitter, and Google+
6. Linkedin opportunities: personal post and posting slides on
7. Blog content (Q/A can become blog in itself)
8. Web site content, press room announcement of appearance
9. Video: Include the presentation on YouTube
10. Audio: Recycle audio clips for podcasting
11. Transcription: in written form becomes a searchable e-book
12. Comments from attendees become praise quotes
13. Email list: builds email list of your following of interested motivated readers
14. Future speaking: use to promote future speaking engagements
15. Memes: re-use slides as photos with captions to use as visuals for your posts
16. Incoming links, more visibility and searchability from reader sharing locations
17. Infographics to post on Pinterest
18. Translations – can open up new markets abroad
19. By-line articles, expands topics in webinar to short pieces on guest blogs
20. Hashtags: create a new hashtag or connect to existing hashtag to add to buzz

Join Us as We Create Our Webinar, “Your Author Platform: Why You Need One and How to Get Started”

Since webinars are our preferred choice for teaching a short course online that can be repurposed in many ways, we’re in the process of creating and repurposing our own webinar. This month we are using the free 30-day trial version of, and inviting you to join our offer of our free webinar, “Your Author Platform: Why You Need One and How to Get Started”. This hour is devoted to authors building audience for one book or for a complete writing career; we go through all of the steps, new digital rules for authors and graphically illustrate all of the stages of creating the framework for your own author platform.

Did we consciously plan and organize our own book around 14 teaching points? In a word yes. The organization was designed to show authors how to approach the subject of platform in discrete blocks or in a quick sequential list of digestible topics. In essence the syllabus is built into the Table of Contents as we wrote knowing we would be reusing materials and content in different locations.

Are You Ready?

Are you convinced that it’s time for you to create your own one-hour webinar? Please send questions, comments, and  urls for your upcoming teaching and training events so we can follow along

Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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3 comments on “How One Webinar Becomes 20 Paths to Building Author Platform
  1. Thanks, Carole, for this wonderful article about webinars. Your information was very complete and helpful.
    Creating my own webinar is the next “to do” on my list. Can I just take my worshop material and rework it into an hour inservice? What’s the best “first step” to take. Thanks again for all your help and support.

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      Patty, thank you and wonderful to connect with you on the social networks (also just Liked your FB page). It’s great to hear you’re creating your webinar. Yes, a good idea to repurpose your workshop in a one-hour format for starters and then choose if you want to expand into more subtopic webinars later. We recommend (free 30 day trial, no credit cards); check out their home page, which shows the 5 steps of the webinar process. Please let me know if that answers your initial questions? Also post your webinar date, time and title here when you’re ready.

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