The Video Trailer: Brings Your Book to Life

It’s time to get on board to make a simple trailer for your book. Internet video is slated to comprise almost 70% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017 according to a recent Cisco survey. Why? Consumers love to research products online before they make an in-store or online purchase. Now we see video kiosks increasingly at point of sale, and where people are waiting in line, even at the gas pump! And here’s the kicker: 85% of people who view product videos are more likely to buy. Welcome to a solid gold growth opportunity for you as authors: use creative and short video recordings for “infotainment” leading to your book.

Welcome to the centerpiece of our book site –our book trailer  Click it, still read the text around it on the page, and listen to the music while it plays. We’re lucky:  a valued video author client I’ve represented for years stitched it together visually, so the cost was very low. But iMovie is free for Mac users and low cost smartphone apps also work for an author’s budget.

Authors who use video to their advantage slowly accumulate a “video bank” of short segments, starting wtih a book trailer, then including:

–Interviews (of you or by you)

–Videotaped talks and teaching

–Video or still clips at bookstores, at talks, at conferences

Then  upload and share videos to as many video sharing locations as possible, tagging with the right words for findability, connecting the dots. Videos are posted as links to videos on sites, blogs,the big 4 social networks, publisher’s sites, and of course, the largest video sharing site: YouTube.

So many sample book trailers abound now, at Barnes & Noble video page, Huffington Post Book Videos, Scholastic Video Page, Penguin Video Page, Berrett-Koehler Videos, Workman Author Videos. Check out the Moby Trailer Awards, American Library Association Book Trailer Awards, Cover Book Trailer Awards, Tumblr for Book Trailers, List of Top Book Trailers,, and more.

To make our book trailer, a news video became the  model, then a free online tape loop for the music, next writing out minimal text for the screens and then choosing some (almost) free photos from an internet site.  Being new to video means cutting down to half of the material originally intended, a common problem. It was a magic moment to see the finished trailer,  press Play, and have the transformative experience to see how our message came through for our audience of authors to grasp, amplified by music, motion and color.

Please use the Reply box here to send your book trailer URLs on YouTube so we can view, comment and share!

Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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2 comments on “The Video Trailer: Brings Your Book to Life
  1. Tammi Booth says:

    Here is the link to my book trailer. I just discovered your website. I plan to spend a great deal of time exploring all the wonderful advice and information you have here.

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