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The easy path to gain more blog readers? First, give the gift of social sharing buttons right there on every post. Make it easy for readers who like your post to share it with their network right from their mobile devices or laptops. Exposure and findability count for authors: your blog readers who share your post with their networks then open a path to  multiply readers via additional networks of others. We’re living in an era of power sharing: passing along news and items of interest to people quickly in a way that multiplies posts. You can ride that wave of readership interest if you do it right. Readers love quick, easy sharing of interesting information with their networks.

Second, use your own sharing buttons to share your own posts to readers on  your own networks. Think of your blog post as a  magazine article that you’re proud to be telling your friends and associates about. We use the sharing buttons at the bottom of every blog post here on The Platform blog. (Note: These are -not- the same buttons that connect you to a Facebook page, etc. The connect-to-my-network  buttons are at the top right corner here on The Platform blog page)  So it’s likely you found this blog post that we shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn pages,  and then you clicked over here to read the whole thing.

Third, you can use your sharing button marked “email”, to send to people you know will be interested in your post, and include your blog name/url in your auto signature line on your emails. Your blog deserves an announcement: it’s your self published online magazine. Some authors decide to go a step further when they’re done with every blog post by using the email share button to send to online directories, others’ blogs and group message boards.

Finally, get an RSS feed button on your blog.  RSS  automatically informs readers of updates automatically which makes them more likely to read your posts.

Every day I seek talent and publishing events through blogs, from indie authors to professional organizations, and it’s amazing how many do -not- have share buttons. When I read a post and there are no share buttons, the buck stops there; but when I see a post I like and easily share to my networks, the readership for that post is instantly and greatly expanded. As a a literary agent, I find talent using the Big Four networks, and like many publishers I also scout talent using keywords typed in the search box to find authors of interesting blogs.  I hope yours is next.

Please reply with your compelling reason to check out your blog!  And please,  use the buttons below to share this post about social sharing buttons with people who don’t have them.


Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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6 comments on “The Share Button: Brings Readers to Your Blog
  1. Diana Raab says:


    Thanks for your insights here.
    Although my blog is on hiatus for a few weeks, you might want to check out some older posts which share timely and universal truths as they relate to the personal.. As a writer, nurse, psychologies and lover of human stories.. I am never short of what to say.

    I also blog for a Psychology Today, Huffington Post and BrainSpeak.


  2. posted for Jennifer Rash says:

    My blog is my author platform’s central hub. It’s designed for all ages, just like my books and readers will love it because it adds further insight about the characters of the books, has action figures of the characters available, offers games and a small variety of interesting opportunities such as the ability to become a character in the books.

    Jennifer Rash,self-published author, Dream Angel comic books
    The blog and its store here:

  3. MP Sharma says:

    Hi Carole,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I am a self publishing newbie, and I am finding it challenging, but exciting at the same time! I am a Print/Online Journalist here in Australia, having written for a number of magazines and newspapers but could not find a literary agent that was interested in my type of work, citing it as being too literary and frankly, too diverse in an un-stereotypical way!

    So, I decided to go down the self publishing path, because as a journalist, I decided it was high time I wrote something I believed in and wanted to without being “coaxed” into writing a certain way on a certain topic.

    I have self published my first (in a series of 4) books on a paranormal romance with a distinct Indian flavour. Not sure how it’ll go, but I’m enjoying trying. I hope you have the time to check out my blog at where I discuss my trials and tribulations of writing on a diverse character and other ramblings as I see fit!

    Thank you once again!

    MP Sharma

  4. Thanks for the insights Carole. Do you think it is more important for a blog to become the platform for an author, or should an author’s website be the platform that can be shared? Or, should these be one and the same- both a website and a blog?

    My first novella is aimed at middle grade readers, and I need to keep this in mind when blogging, just in case a reader drops by, then again, maybe a blog is much more than that- it can reach out to all readers who might be interested in what you have to say.

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      Dallas, we recommend you maintain control of your blog by keeping it on your own author website, like this blog is part of my website. Your blog is like a heartbeat on your site, refreshed with new content to get higher search results, and serves as your self-published online magazine. All the social networks and locations should link back to your blog so that your readers will come back whenever you make a new post. Hoping you’ll send your blog url and will check it out!

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