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Authors, you just want to write your book, yet you’ve seen a new light: for success, you’ve got to get engaged with your audience through platform building. The starting out point can feel like sheer agony (been there…), the amount of choices daunting, and the task such a huge imposition. It’s easier to just get the keys under your fingers, hiding in the relief of writing your book (…done that). Try looking at platform again over morning coffee for less resistance.

So, should your precious time and efforts go to Google+or Facebook — Twitter or LinkedIn?  This trick question has an answer equal to it: and that answer is yes!

Among the set of about a dozen New Rules we share in our book and seminar, here’s one of the biggest and most important of all. It’s briefly stated, and as simple as a mantra:

“Thou shalt search for audience in multiple locations.”

Just as you you wouldn’t choose just one bookstore to sell your book, you can’t expect to find all the people you want to reach at just one online, or physical location. So pour the coffee, and sign up for each of the top four networks. I ask my author clients to set up a presence on each, and we see results over time in increased book sales. Remember, more people will view your online persona than will follow you by far, (just look at my Google+ page for proof – check out the dramatic difference between the thousands in my circles as opposed to the tens of thousands who have viewed my page). Just start and don’t let the amount of followers stop you; get listed and then as you go, tell everyone you know and who supports you to follow and comment. If you start, you’ll grow in time, in ways you can’t foresee now.

For inspiration, check out Jack Canfield.  We’re honored that Jack offered his amazing personal story in his Foreword to our book showing how he took  Chicken Soup for the Soul from one copy sold to the multi-volume series book empire it has become. Happy reading to you and hoping you’ll share your story too. So many have emailed me directly, and the comment doors below are open too!

Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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