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LinkedIn is one huge professional network that proves that you’re not alone as you build audience. With just a few keystrokes, start tapping into author networks to grow  your influence. LinkedIn is an excellent place to find interest groups and communities that support your efforts and build new alliances to cooperate with others in promoting your book. When you join communities in your area of interest, post once to the group to reach out to the whole group. Communities and groups are a fast track to tapping into the networks of others.

LinkedIn, like all the big social networks, abounds in community groups. For an example to jump start you, find my name on LinkedIn, or Facebook or Google + (just press the right button on the top corner of my home page at Then, click on my community groups, and join each one. Next, find more groups that pertain to your interests, join in and start adding comments in the groups relevant to your book and watch your online presence grow.

Consider this: other authors are in your potential audience, and you’re in their potential audience too. When you find, join in, and respond and comment within the abundant numbers of author and publishing related communities, it’s amazing how many new audience connections you grow while your social network presence increases. Opportunities start to come to you,  for collaborating, for speaking, for appearances, for guest blogging and more.

As an editor, I had the networking responsibility of attending professional conferences, parties and events. Celebrate, enjoy and  find the brightest minds was my mandate, then encourage them to write books. Today, it’s so much easier to network – online. LinkedIn is based on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, that we’re connected to every other human being by no more than six intermediary people.   As you move bits and bytes to reach out and grow connections, remember to take time out to measure and celebrate the rewards.

Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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3 comments on “Your LinkedIn Team Matters
  1. Good advice! If anyone’s wondering what Reid Hoffman has to do with this, in his book “The Startup of You,” he said “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

    Too often, writers think of themselves as the lonely creator sitting at the keyboard cut off from the world. While the act of writing is often a “solo game,” the team of friends, family, fellow writers, subject matter experts that support us is essential in bringing our creations to life.

    The web gives each of us the opportunity to expand that team to people we never even knew we needed!

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      Great comment Mike, and from one who well knows how the solo aspect of writing feels. “The Startup of You” is a great motivational read while building audience.

  2. Barbara Boyd says:

    Social networks can be a solopreneur’s water cooler – the opportunity to take a quick break, chat about everything and nothing, and then return to work refreshed and smiling or stimulated.

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