Seth Godin APM Interview “Create in Ways that Matter to Others”

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American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As great fans of Seth Godin, best-selling author, thought leader, and creator of Squidoo, we’ve seen his observation proven  -time and again-  that the internet has revived the power of “tribes.”  We’re now connected with each other by ideas and values in the new “connection economy.”

Creating community and connection between authors and readers: this is the under current in our upcoming book leading to sustainable and solid growth for book sales and ready audience for future book titles.  We hope you’ll listen in on his interview on American Public Media via the link here, and know the power of “weaving” your story in building a network that “means something.”   It’s an honor that Seth offered a blurb on our upcoming book.


Audio version:

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One comment on “Seth Godin APM Interview “Create in Ways that Matter to Others”
  1. Barbara Boyd says:

    Thanks, Carole! This was fascinating and I’m so glad for the transcript as there were many quote and ideas I want to refer to again.

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