Yes, Authors Need A Facebook Fan Page

All parts of your author platform fit together to create an overall impact in growing your audience over time. Without a clear plan to become easily findable, a lot of great books and authors get lost. That means you need your author brand to appear on the big 4 social networks and learn the author strategy to use them together for greater impact.

Yes, authors need a Facebook fan page separate from a friend page. Please get yours and broadcast its url, or if you have a fan page already, list yours in the comment box below with your url to lead authors to Like it. Our book shows the hows and whys of keeping these Facebook pages separate (more info in our upcoming book at

Why? Think of your (free) Facebook fan page as another web site for your author brand that will be listed when readers google your name. For example, google my name and you’ll find my fan page location with its own separate listing. Like an MC Escher drawing, the postings on your fan page lead to additional locations. When you click on my Facebook fan page link, you find my blog post listing as a post, that leads you right back here. Successful authors work this system in many ways online; learn the strategy that pulls the parts together.

It’s a treat meeting authors on the social networks (!) to share and grow awareness of book offerings and foster collaboration and cooperative efforts. Beyond being a great quick meet-and-greet spot, Twitter is an amazing pointer tool. So use Twitter to lead readers (including me) to your author brand on Facebook and gather the Likes that will follow.


Carole Jelen

Literary agent, content provider, author, corporate consultant to book and online publishing. Connecting authors to publishers in all top series such as the branded “For Dummies” line. Building author careers with single and series titles.

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11 comments on “Yes, Authors Need A Facebook Fan Page
  1. D.R. Shoultz says:

    I agree with your comments. A separate author page is a must, but I must admit I see more traction generated by google+ these days.

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      Thanks for your comment D.R. Shoultz, enjoyed reading your most recent blog post. The multiple location appearances are so important now, with link back connections. Agree with you about G+; a smart move to be where Google is.

      • Michelle says:

        I agree(d) with your post as of last year and had a document I gave to authors advising them of this. However, with all the changes on Facebook, which includes the decrease in views, authors are being forced to go elsewhere.

        When I used Facebook all the time, I had lists created, but I still could not see everything I wanted to see because Facebook dictated what I saw. And I didn’t want to receive a notification for every post. Unfortunately, Facebook is just not what it used to be. I think Google+ is a little more difficult to learn and understand, but once you get past the “learning” period, it’s a great tool!

  2. Ana Zaun says:

    I completely agree with having a separate Facebook fan page. However with the shrinking organic reach, I’m finding that flexibility within social media marketing is essential, and very time consuming to make the experience meaningful.

  3. J. Cafesin says:

    It’s my experience that I don’t sell anything on FB. In fact, my best book selling platforms are Goodreads and WordPress. But you asked for my FB fan pg:
    and FB Reverb pg:

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      Hi J. Cafesin, All of the links work together, so it’s worth keeping all your locations. The more people who look at your FB page the better; regardless of Likes, FB pages are like store fronts. (Google+ has recently added a “viewed by” number up top of your page to show how many more view your page than join circles.) Thanks for your FB url; all authors need to support each other in community with Likes on FB pages, we do.

  4. Lydia Thomas says:

    I started a Facebook author page about two months ago, and it’s been really great! I’ve really enjoyed connecting with authors and readers outside of my personal social circle. It’s been a learning experience to observe how other authors connect with their readers, and to implement the strategies that work for me. I’ve also found a lot of summer reading from the authors I’m discovering. Facebook algorithms are indeed frustrating at times, but I’ve been pressing through and creating content anyway. Noting the comments about Google+, I may have to give that a try as well. Looking forward to reading your book!

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      It’s amazing how the Facebook author page brings in support from authors and readers (just visited and Liked your page). You’re right about those Facebook alogrithms and also about pressing through since consistent posting and engagement grows your presence over time. Hoping to see you on Google+, lots of great connections happen through active author communities there.

  5. CJ Hines says:

    I haven’t had a lot of success with my FB page, but I know people do read my posts and comment. I’m trying to get more “likes”–I realize it’s a gradual thing and takes time.

    • Carole Jelen Carole Jelen says:

      CJ, Thanks for posting –I just visited, and “Liked” what you are doing on your page. Yes slowly over time it adds up to more visibility and better search results. Joining in with author networking groups to exchange genuine likes for your page will speed the process. We’re all potential readers of each others books, so please contact me if you’d like a recommendation of an excellent author networking group.

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